Privacy Policy

1. General:

The site is run by Hotel Heera International, 115, Ripon Street, Kolkata – 700016, West Bengal, India. By using this website you agree to the terms of the design at any time. Terms and Conditions apply to all use of the site in any language. Hotel Heera International reserves the right to add, change, renew or improve the information on the site.

2. Rights:

All content on the site is protected by copyright. Information and images published on the site belongs to Hotel Heera International unless otherwise is specified. Content on the site may not be copied, distributed, or republished without the written consent of Hotel Heera International. You are however free to use images and text for non-commercial personal use as long as it is evident that Hotel Heera International is copyright owners.

3. Links and Hyperlinks:

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4. Cookies:

Hotel Heera International’s website uses cookies for analytics to continually improve the website. These cookies contain certain information about you as a user of the website. The cookies do not contain personal information, but may contain information such as IP address, operating system, screen resolution, and what pages on the site you are visiting.

The use of cookies can be blocked in the settings on your browser. Blocking cookies may however mean that the site will function poorly, or not at all.

5. Personal Information and Security:

Hotel Heera International takes your privacy seriously. We do not collect personal information that is not relevant or necessary to deliver our services to our customers. You authorize us to use, store and process relevant information using Hotel Heera International website. Personal information may be shared with third parties if Hotel Heera International sees it as necessary to manage, operate and maintain the site.

We reserve the right to send relevant information to you via e-mail. This may be a confirmation of your booking or newsletters. You can unsubscribe from our newsletter in the newsletter directly.

Hotel Heera International do not store credit card numbers and other sensitive payment data. The payment solution to Hotel Heera International’s website is provided by a PCI certified third party where the data is encrypted.

Hotel Heera International is working continuously to maximize security for you as a user, but we cannot guarantee the privacy of information you provide when you are connected to the internet.